Admittedly, vacuum cleaners have gained traction in recent years, and now, robotic variants are changing the narrative of smart homes. But, let’s face it. Using air pumps to suck up dusts did not start yesterday. For over 15 years now, iRobot Roomba remains a top choice among homeowners who cannot settle for less, but the best vacuum cleaner. And, while you can choose from a range of competitive product variants such as Eufy RoboVac 11 or Deebot N78 or Ilife A4, there are days when all you need is the best vacuum for high pile to do the job right.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Unless you wouldn’t mind having a hectic vacuuming experience, which shouldn’t be case with smart devices, pay close attention to the following myths about robotic vacuums to make the right purchase decision:

Robotic cleaners wield high suction power

You got that right! While your regular vacuum will do a great job by not only sucking large debris and dust from smooth shag carpets, but also maintaining their texture and appearance, the story is quite different when it comes to using robotic cleaners. Given their small size and limited suction ability powered by a paltry 12V to 25V, handling difficult clutter is not going to be easy with a mid-range Roomba 650. On the contrary, handheld or upright vacuums can sustain up to 220V power input, hence more suction power on stubborn litter.

You will never spend a penny on maintaining a Ilife A4

Come to think about it. Which device does an effective job without regular maintenance? Well, you would have guessed right. There are no such miracles in using robotic vacuum cleaners even if your home is fully automated. You should periodically open the chassis bottom to rid your device of debris, dust and hairs for more efficiency and effective use.

You will rob the bank to buy a robotic vacuum

The truth is that these smart home cleaning devices look fancy. Moreover, owning one, as many would argue, brings about a classy experience. But, it begs the question, do they cost a fortune? Well, while high-end variants like IRobot Roomba will cost as much as $800, thanks to its cutting-edge features, including being one of the best vacuum cleaners for shag, modest variants wouldn’t leave a dent in your pocket. With $200 to $300, you can negotiate for Roomba 650 and say goodbye to 19th Century devices.

The Bottom Line

There are as many misconceptions about robotic vacuums as you would want to imagine. But, the fact that they have detectors for stairs does not translate to a perfect job up the stairway. You will need a handheld cleaner to do a perfect job in these areas.