Our sophisticated flavors are excellent accompaniments to drinks and deserts.  Our customers tell us that they regularly use Mexican Vanilla as a desert bite. Sprinkled over ice cream or a chaser to a glass of something white or light red.
Sweet masala curry is a favorite among dark beer and dark red wine drinkers.  A common favorite is to enjoy this with a drink and a cheese and fruit plate.  It has also been pulverized and served over vanilla ice cream (sounds amazing) as well as a coating for chicken and fish.  Our new Adobo is becoming a fast favorite with light beer and cider drinkers.  

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Air popped, baked, light and crunchy an incomparable eating experience! 

Makers of Fine English Butter Toffee Baked Popcorn

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We use only the finest ingredients to achieve an experience you won't soon forget!  Our English Butter Toffee Baked Popcorn is unlike anything you have ever had.